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(no subject)
People - Kristen Stewart, Emma Roberts, Amanda Sayfried, Blake Lively
TV - Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl

So, my new icons and one banner.

I hope, that you like it.

Thanks, everyo ne :)


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These are really pretty! :)

P.S. You should post your icons at some other icon communities too, so that more people could see them. For example: _fandom_icons_, iconaddicts, icons, lion_lamb (for Twilight related icons), icon_aholic, ...

O my God!
Thank you very much!
i'm so happy what you like it <3
and thanks for links))

Definitely snagging a Kristen Stewart icon! They're all really gorgeous.

thank you
i`m glad ^_______________________^

great icons, I really like the coloring! I adore Gossip Girl.
Snagging one with Chuck and Blair(black&white one), will credit of course ;)

thank you very much :)

Oh. And i like Gossip Girl!
Chuck and Blair my favourite pairing and my favourite heroes!

You're welcome ;)

It's my favourite couple too... They're perfect to each other, and they look so cute together.

this is so beautiful :)

taking some of GG

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